Original material

Archives of the Jewish community of Izmir (1760-1970); material on the Jews of Izmir in the papers of the Levy family (1804-1950); material on the Jews of Istanbul in the papers of the historian, Abraham Galante (1895-1961); files and references to the communities of Edirne, Manisa, Ourla, Tekirdag, Tire (19th-20th centuries); files from the papers of the head office in Paris of the Jewish Colonization Association (JCA) relating to the Messila Chadasha and Or Yehuda colonies in Turkey (1899-1904).



Pinkassim from the community and rabbinical court of Istanbul (1835-1971); incoming letters to the office of the Chacham Bashi [Chief Rabbi] in Istanbul, from all over the Jewish world, as well as from Turkey (1837-1919); correspondence files of the Alliance Israélite Universelle head office in Paris, relating to Alliance schools in Turkey and the general situation of the Jews there (1860-1940); files from the German Foreign Office on Turkish Jewry (1880-1920).