Original material and microfilms

Archives of the Jewish community of Lisbon (1874-1974), containing statutes, minute books, correspondence etc.; archives of the Jewish communities in Braganca, Faro and Oporto (1915-1948) which were established by conversos who returned to Judaism; letters from Portuguese communities to the Chacham Bashi [Chief Rabbi] in Turkey (19th-20th centuries); material of non-Jewish provenance relating to Jews from the Arquivo Nacional do Torre do Tombo in Lisbon, from the Royal chancery (13th-16th centuries) and of Inquisition trial files from Lisbon, Evora and Coimbra (16th-18th centuries).



List of materials relating to Jews in the Arquivo Nacional do Torre do Tombo in Lisbon and in the Historical Archives in Porto (13th-17th centuries).