Original material

Two separate series of files: communal material arranged by names of towns, and private material organized by family names; the communal material includes pinkassim of rabbinical courts, community account books, deeds about real estate owned by Jews, documents on education, welfare and charity, as well as halachic and rabbinical material; among the communities, Casablanca, Debdou, Fes, Ksar Es-Souk, Marrakech, Meknes, Mogador, Rabat and Sefrou (18th-20th centuries); the private material contains private and family documents of various Jewish families.


Correspondence files of the Alliance Israélite Universelle head office in Paris relating to Alliance schools in Morocco and the general situation of the Jews there (1860-1940); copies of pinkassim in private hands; letters from Moroccan communities to the Chacham Bashi [Chief Rabbi] in Turkey (19th-20th centuries); files from the German Foreign Office on Moroccan Jewry (1905-1917).

Private collections

Among others, Raphael Abbo, representative of Ozar Hatora (1855-1963); Jacob M. Toledano, Israeli Minister of Religious Affairs, including material from Tiberias (1820-1960); Nelly Ben-Attar, JDC representative in North Africa (1940-1947).


Lists of files and documents relating to Moroccan Jews in the Archives Diplomatiques at Nantes (19th-20th centuries).