Original material

Files of the Comité Central Israelita de Mexico (1938-1942); Jewish communities in Mexico City: the Unión Sefaradí and its organizations (1943-1967), La Comunidad (Kehilá) Judίa en México (1948-1958), Hatikva-Menorah - Asociación de Israelitas de Habla Alemana (1950-1981) and other communities; files of several Jewish schools in Mexico City: Colegio Israelita de México (1944-1994), Nuevo Colegio Israelita (1949-1990) and other educational institutions; files of the "Bund" and associated institutions in México (1940-1963); files of various youth movements, mainly Hashomer Hazair and Ichud Habonim (1939-1971), as well as of several political and cultural organizations (1936-1969); many Jewish periodicals (1940-1976); one file from the Jewish community in Guadalajara (1971-1972).
The documents are for the most part written in Spanish or Yiddish.

Microfilms and photocopies

Copies of Inquisition trials (1589-1699); minutes of the Comité Central Israelita de Mexico (1947-1951).


A list of sources on the Inquisition in the Mexican national archives.