Original and copied files concerning Jews in the Courland and Livland regions of the former Russian Empire, in independent Latvia and in the Soviet Latvian Republic (in Russian, Latvian, Yiddish, English, German and French).


Original material

Letters of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC) and Hebrew Sheltering and Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS), of the historian, Simon Dubnow, as well as announcements, leaflets and statutes of Latvian Jewish parties and public organizations; files referring to the Jewish community of Riga (1867-1959), containing documents on ritual matters, philanthropic activities, social and political organizations, educational institutions, community activities etc., notably the illumi­nated pinkas of the Chevrat Talmud Torah (1867-1959).



Files from historical archives in St. Petersburg and Moscow, Kiev and Odessa, concerning the legal status of the Jews, migration to agricultural colonies, taxes and debts, education and philanthropy, military service, the situation of Jews and refugees during World War I, Jewish workers and political movements (end of the 18th century up to the period of Latvian independence); files from the German Foreign Office on Baltic Jewry (1879-1884).