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Search Holdings

Please note: The lists and descriptions are partial. In order to fully explore our holdings one must visit the Archives. See  »Location« on how to find us.

This search option enables you to perform a cross reference search in the holdings: "Communities", "Private Collections" and "Organizations". Select a "Collection Type" or a "Country", or enter a Keyword in the "Search Terms" window to filter the displayed description of the lists of holdings.

The keywords are only those which appear in the "Description" column. "Description" refers to the right column of this search tool. This column provides descriptions of each collection, mainly for the sections "Private Collections" and "Organizations". Lists are only searchable in the PDF files of the lists.

Possible keywords could be:

  • Professions...
    such as archivist, rabbi, historian, politician, zionist, anarchist, physician philologist, philosopher, publisher, writer, educator, teacher, author, journalist, publicist, lecturer, biographer, leader, social worker, Hebraist, Arabist, lawyer/jurist, entrepreneur, tradesman, banker, broker etc.
  • Terms from the content of the description...
    such as diary/diaries, letter(s), correspondence, family papers, private papers, photos/photographs, postcards,  circulars, genealogy/genealogical, responsa, (public) Jewish activity, cemetery/cemeteries, tombstone, synagogue/s, soldiers, pogroms etc.
  • Locations...
    such as Berlin, Casablanca, New York, oder Bavaria/Bavarian, Swabia/n
  • Dates...
  • Record numbers...
    When searching for private collections, write "P XXX", for example P 253, leaving a space between P and the number.



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You need a PDF reader to open our lists of holdings. Some recommended PDF readers are: Adode Acrobat Reader (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), Evince (Windows, Linux), Okular (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), Preview (Mac OS X).