General Information

The Archives in Figures

  • 6,000 linear meters of documents, records and files (60,000,000 pages of documentation)
  • 1,600 archives of communities, organizations and individuals
  • 18,000,000 frames of microfilmed documents
  • 2000 lists and inventories of documents and files concerning Jews, held in other archives
  • 15,000 photographs of Jewish personalities and sites
  • 8,000 printed statutes, reports, leaflets, posters and handbills
  • 1,200,000 newspaper clippings on various subjects
  • 15,000 books and publications on Jewish history


Statistics and who uses the Archives?

Scholars and students from Israel and abroad visit the Archives and use their collections for historical research. These collections are also used by a large number of individuals trying to trace their personal link to the Jewish past through genealogical research. Teachers too, bring groups of high school students to learn what archives are, and to come into direct contact with the documents which record the past of the Jews everywhere. In fact, the Central Archives aim to serve the entire Jewish people and are unique in the fact that their collections include historical material on Jews from Western, Eastern and Central Europe, the Islamic countries, North and South America, South Africa and Eastern Asia. The written records of our common past are here held in trust as a crucial part of the national heritage of the Jewish People.