Original material

Material of the Consistoire Central and local consistories of Algeria, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Moselle, Bas-Rhin, Haut-Rhin, Paris and Vesoul, concerning relations with the authorities, elections and censuses, finances, ritual matters, cemeteries, education and charitable organizations; assorted documents concerning the reorganization of the Jewish community structure under Napoleon (1806), documents and newspapers concerning the Damascus and Dreyfus Affairs; community collections from Avignon, Bayonne, Biesheim, Bordeaux, Carpentras, Cavaillon, Metz, Nancy, Paris and Strasbourg, as well as individual documents from other communities; the Bureau de Spoliations Mobilières (BSM) archives, containing personal files regarding compensation claims for movable property stolen by the Germans in France during World War II.



Consistory material; Rabbi Zadoc Kahn’s correspondence with the French authorities regarding North African Jews, as well as material on the Algerian Consistoire; documents concerning Jews in Alsace (1376); documents on Joseph of Rosheim and the  status of the Jews in North Alsace (15th-16th centuries); documents on the legal status of Jews in Avignon (16th-18th centuries); Inquisition documents (1489) and community minutes from Bordeaux (1710-1787); material from La Chatelainerie on Jewish property and debts (1348-1351); documents on the Jews of Lorraine concerning forced conversions, as well as royal and parliamentary edicts (1376-18th century); pinkassim from Metz (16th-18th centuries); material from Paris (18th-19th centuries); charters and documents on private affairs from Perpignan (1320-1495); papers of Cerf Berr from Strasbourg (1768-1788), held in the Monaco state archives; material on the revolutionary period and the Napoleonic regime, kept in the Archives Nationales and other archives; material on relations with the French authorities (1830-1871); documents concerning religious life (19th-20th centuries); material on Jewish organizations and initiatives during World War II, as well as on efforts to rebuild communities after the war; correspondence files of the Alliance Israélite Universelle (AIU) head office in Paris relating to Alliance activities in France, as well as to Alliance schools and the general situation of the Jews in Greece, Hungary, Iraq, Iran, Italy, Lebanon, Libya, Romania, Syria, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey and Yemen.

Private collections

Papers of Werner Epstein (1941-1944), including material about the Union Générale des Juifs de France (UGIF); letters of Rabbi Eli Bloch, Poitiers (1933-1942); correspondence and press clippings from the Committee for the Defence of Shalom Schwartzbard (1926-1927).

Lists of material of Jewish provenance, held in French government archives and in libraries in the United States, as well as lists of material relating to Jewish matters in French government archives (12th-20th centuries).