Original material

Documents dealing with education and community matters in Egypt in general and Cairo and Alexandria in particular (19th-20th centuries), including two registers from the rabbinical court in Alexandria (1864-1866); reports on the Alliance Israélite Universelle schools; a survey on the state of Egyptian Jewry in 1957, files of the Society for Historical Investigation of Egyptian Jewry (1920's-1930's); letters from the Chief Rabbinate in Cairo to the rabbinate of Alexandria, marriage lists from Cairo (including Karaites) and posters of the Ashkenazi community in Cairo.


Microfilms and photocopies

The Ben Zeev collection (10th-20th centuries), relating to the Jewish community of Cairo, its institutions and dignitaries, and its relations with the authorities; among the material, documents on Rabbi David, the grandson of Maimonides, on the Cairo ghetto, on various synagogues and on land endowment (Hekdesh) for the poor; letters from Egyptian communities to the Chacham Bashi [Chief Rabbi] in Turkey (19th-20th centuries); files from the German Foreign Office on Egyptian Jewry (1898-1919).



A list of material from the Cairo Jewish community, held at the Yeshiva University Archives in New York (1886-1961).


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