Dominican Republic

The majority of the documents from the Dominican Republic in the CAHJP refer to the DORSA (Dominican Republic Settlement Association) settlement in Sosua, Puerto Plata on the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. This settlement was formed with the assistance of the Joint. The Dominican Republic had expressed at the Evian Conference its willingness to accept between 50,000 and 100,000 Jews from Nazi Germany and Austria on condition that they would work in agriculture.

Dr. Ernst Fialla was the head of the association from its foundation in 1941 till July 1946 (or 1947). At the same time he was also the chief of the "Religionsgemeinschaft" which was responsible for religious and cultural matters of the settlers. The documents in this collection do not make clear the distinction between the two bodies if any. It might be that the Jewish community called itself in the beginning "Jüdische Religionsgemeinschaft" and some years later "Kehilah Hajhudith Sosua".

The collection contains 42 files from the period 1939 - 1973.

The fact that there obviously also existed a Jewish community in the capital Ciudad Trujill is hardly known and is not mentioned in articles on the Jews in the Dominican Republic.