Original material

Files of  five communities, Altschottland (1720-1883), Langfuhr (1765-1883), Mattenbuden (1727-1883), Weinberg (1843-1883), Danzig in der Breitgasse (1839-1883), which were united into the community of Danzig (1883-1939); files from the  community of Tiegenhof (1858-1936), which was  absorbed by the community of Danzig in 1935.



Community files filmed at the Centrum Judaicum in Berlin (1869-1938); files and documents relating to Jews, filmed at the state archives in Gdańsk (Danzig) (1567-1920).



Regesta and lists of documents and files from 26 record groups at the state archives in Gdańsk (17th-20th centuries).