Original material

Files of national organizations in Colombia, among them Federación de Comunidades Hebreas de Colombia, Congreso Judío Mundial, Organización Sionista Mundial, Federación Sionista de Colombia and Agencia Judía (55 files: 1945- 1971). Jewish communities and institutions in Baranquilla, mainly Centro Israelita Filantrópica (CIF) and Colegio Hebreo Unión (36 files: 1940-1976). The major part of the collection consists of files from communities, institutions and schools in Bogotá, among them Centro Israelita de Bogotá, Comunidad Hebrea Sefaradí de Bogotá, Colegio Colombo Hebreo, as well as youth and Zionist organizations and various periodicals and publications (280 files: 1932-1974). In addition there are 2 files from Cali (1959-1974), 11 files from Medellin (1960-1976) and some files of unidentifiable communities and institutions.