Original material

A collection of files, predating the beginning of the French colonization and ranging to the Algerian independence (1795-1965), relating mainly to the community of Constantine (1795-1962) as well as to the communities of Algiers (1898-1921), Oran (1848-1952), Tlemcen (1886-1940) and others; private collections of Jacques Lazarus, World Jewish Congress official, concerning the repatriation of Algerian Jews to France (1944-1962), and Izchak Morali.


Isolated files from the Alliance Israélite Universelle head office in Paris, relating to Alliance schools in Algeria and the general situation of the Jews there (1882-1931); material from the records of the British Foreign Office, held at the Public Record Office in London; files of the Algerian Consistoire, held at the Jewish Theological Seminary in New York.



Lists and descriptions of material, held at the Archives d'Outre-Mer in Aix en Provence, relating to Jews, (17th-20th centuries).