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The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People collect material on Jews all over the world. Nevertheless, the burden of their maintenance is borne mainly by the Government of Israel. While never generous, the government's allocation has decreased steadily over the past few years, severely hindering the Archives' activities. We would therefore be grateful for your support.

Donations are payable by check or deposit in the Archives' bank account.
Our bank details:

Bank name: Bank Leumi
Branch name: REHAVIA
Branch address: 21 Ramban St. Jerusalem 92422
Branch code: 912
Account: 400 866 / 65 (Shekels)
400 866 / 85 (Foreign currency)
Swift code: LUMIILIT
IBAN/ABA/Routing: IL 400 109 120 000 040 086 685
(When money is transferred to our foreign currency account)
  IL 400 109 120 000 040 086 665
(When money is transferred to our Shekel account)

Donations in Israel are tax exempt.
In the United States tax exempt donations may be made through:

P.E.F. Israel Endowment Funds, Inc.
317 Madison Avenue, Suite 607
New York, NY 10017