Jewish Colonization Association (JCA) - Argentina Office - The Series of Individual Files

The series of individual files contains about 7000 personal files, mostly of settlers on JCA colonies in Argentina, arranged in the alphabetic order of the colonies, and the family names of the settlers, respectively.

The files generally contain lease or purchase contracts between JCA and individual settlers (or between JCA and institutions, such as Jewish cooperatives or government agencies) and occasionally partnership agreements between several colonists and JCA. The files often contain detailed plans of farms or of fields.

Some of the files refer to plots of land purchased by Jewish and even non-Jewish settlers in the urban centers which JCA began establishing in close proximity to the colonies, from 1907 onwards.

It should be noted that the list does not refer to all of the colonists. Not all of the files arrived in Jerusalem, some were damaged and in others, important documents were missing.

It should also be noted that individual colonies often contained a number of smaller groups, bearing different names. The colony Clara, for instance, contained over 10 groups, among them: Curbelo, Feinberg, Guinzburg, Belez, Carlos etc. In order to locate a colonist from a particular group, it is necessary to know to which colony the group belonged.

This collection at the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People is a very large one, consisting of over 10,000 files, which document the widespread activities in Argentina of the organization founded by Baron Maurice Hirsch in Paris in 1891.

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1890 - 1976
7068 files
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