Cohn, Arthur & Cohn, Heinrich

The Cohn collection contains original documents of three generations of rabbis in Germany, Switzerland and England. The main part of the collection contains the professional correspondence, speeches and publications of Rabbi Arthur (Ascher Michael) Cohn, who served as an Orthodox rabbi in Basel, Switzerland for over 40 years – from 1885 until his death in 1926. This part of the collection gives a broad insight into Jewish life in Switzerland at the end of the 19th, beginning of 20th century.

Arthur's oldest son Heinrich (Chaim) served as rabbi in Berlin until 1938 and arrived together with his family to England, after searching desperately for a job in several countries in Europe and beyond. The smaller part of the collection reflects Heinrich's fields of activity in Berlin and London.

Besides that the collection contains printed circulars, booklets or fliers of Jewish communities and organizations mainly in Switzerland and Germany, collected by both Arthur and Heinrich Cohn.

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Private Collections
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1854 - 1961
242 files; over 30'000 pages
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P 352
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